July 18, 2023

Merchant Services

Customers and Their Payment Expectations

Merchant Services

Customers have high expectations when it comes to service. Your payment system can help or hinder your overall customer service. They expect flexibility, security, and convenience, whether at a physical store or from their laptop or phone. Therefore, your payment processor should provide your company with easy-to-use POS and payment gateway solutions. 

Customers and Payment Needs

Now more than ever, customers want speed and convenience when it comes to their shopping experience. Whether in person or online, they want to complete their shopping as quickly as possible. Your payment processor should allow your business to make customers as happy as possible with their shopping experience. 

Variety of Payment Options

In recent years customers have wanted to pay with cards more and more. This is due to new payment technologies making it easier than ever to pay with a card. The pandemic also forced many businesses only to accept card transactions instead of cash. There are also an immense amount of payment options available to customers. 

These include credit and debit cards, Paypal, Visa Checkout, gift cards, and others such as Apple Pay. Today consumers can choose the payment method that works best for them. Many customers will abandon an online purchase if their preferred payment method is unavailable to them


You also need to ensure that the payment methods you offer are well-known for their credibility and security. You want customers to be as comfortable as possible when purchasing from your online store. 

No Minimum Purchase 

Having a payment system that does not require a minimum purchase is ideal. Your customers do not want to buy more than they want to just to use their credit card. 

Customer Relations 

A POS is a valuable asset to make your business more appealing for your customers. You can integrate CRM software into your POS, seamlessly folding your customer relations into your payment system. 

With CRM integrations, you can provide customized marketing and discounts. It also allows you to identify who your most valuable customers are. By figuring out who enjoys doing business with you most, you can incentivize them to continue coming back again and again. You can also ensure that your business has the most popular products with CRM software

Inventory Management

Inventory management software can work alongside CRM software to ensure you always have the products your customers need. 

Hardware Needs 

It is essential that whatever POS you go with has options when it comes to hardware. This includes desktop, mobile, tablet, and self-serve kiosks. This lets you choose the best hardware options for your business

Your business will need EMV-compliant card readers for in-person purchases to quickly and securely conduct credit card transactions. This is the minimum your business will need to allow your business to process credit cards. 

Tablets and customer-facing displays allow your business to ring up orders and run many aspects of your business. Barcode scanners are another helpful feature your business needs to consider from POS hardware. 

Some payment processors only allow their hardware to operate with their software. Therefore, it is better to work with a payment processor that is flexible enough to work with hardware they did not provide. 

Many POS hardware packages have high hardware costs upfront and low running costs. This makes flexibility from a payment processor even more critical. Suppose they can allow you to avoid these expensive initial fees. In that case, it can enable your business to provide your customers with the necessary hardware without extra cost. 

Most importantly, your POS needs to be easy to use. Customers hate having to wait in long and slow lines. An easy-to-use system will allow your team to process payments as much as possible quickly

Payment Gateway Needs

A payment gateway is essentially the digital version of a card reader. This will be integrated into your website and allow customers to pay for their transactions on your website seamlessly. This is especially important as customers are less likely to complete an online purchase if they are redirected to a third-party site for payment.

You will also need a merchant account to allow customers to send money via online transactions to your bank account. Some processors will help you set up both a payment gateway and a merchant account

With a fully integrated payment gateway, your customers will be able to purchase right on your site. In addition, this gateway will allow your customers to pay securely. And you can customize your payment gateway to give your customers the payment methods they prefer. 

Make Your Customers Happy with Treati

With Treati, you are able to create a customized payment system that works best for your business. We prioritize creating a solution that allows your business to succeed and provides your customers with the best quality service. To prove it, we offer you a free trial, so you have a chance to see how committed we are to our customers. 

We offer a variety of hardware options that are easy for your team to use. This way, you can choose the specific hardware that works best for you. The hardware we offer also meets the highest security standards to ensure that each transaction is secure. Additionally, we are willing to work with you to use your existing hardware with our software. This can help you avoid sizable upfront costs. With us, you can easily handle in-person transactions. 

Another benefit of working with Treati is that you will be able to process a wide variety of payment methods. This way, you will not lose a customer because you cannot process their preferred payment method. We also meet the highest security and PCI compliance standards and can provide your customers with peace of mind that their payment information is safe and secure. 

We have beneficial solutions for online payments as well. With a customizable API, we can work with your team to create a custom-fit payment gateway for your website. Your customers can quickly process their transactions right on your website with Treati. Additionally, thanks to our partners at Under, we can quickly create your own merchant account. Finally, Treati is very integration friendly. If you know an integration that could help you, we will be happy to make it part of your payment system.