Every company
is a payments company

Treati is a payment processor for the modern world.  We enable software companies, associations & payments professionals to provide payments to their customers.  

Easily offer Payments

With our no-code online application, you can offer payments to your customers in minutes. Embed this on your website, in your app or share unique links to your customers.

Monetize your payments

We know your company is unique and so are your payments. Make payments a core part of your business to drive revenue and expand your offerings.

Our goal is to help grow the enterprise value of your company through strategic partnerships.

Credit Card Acceptance
ACH & eCheck Acceptance
Website Integrations
Stored Profiles
No-Code Onboarding
Recurring Revenue

Improved Customer Experience

Taking payments to the digital era

Who is Treati?

Treati is a company founded on partnerships. With over 15 years in the payments space, we understand how to maximize companies value through payments.

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