July 11, 2023

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Card Reader Options For Your Business

Merchant Services

This article explains why your business needs a card reader and how they work. There are essential criteria to consider, such as types of payments accepted, durability, security, and services provided by a potential payment processor. This article will review some options from Clover, Oracle, and Ingenico. And demonstrate how you can easily use these options with Treati.

Why do I need a Card Reader?

Over the past few years, more and more business has been conducted without the use of cash. In fact, the overwhelming majority of customers prefer paying with a card instead of playing with cash. With your customers wanting the convenience of card transactions, it is critical that you have credit card readers that can make this happen

How do Card Readers work?

Card readers work reasonably straightforwardly as they collect the customer‚Äôs card and bank information, sending it to the payment processor, which allows you to process these transactions. Each credit card transaction goes through a three step process. 

The first is payment authorization, where the payment gateway ensures that the customer has enough funds for the purchase. The second step of the process is capture, in which the credit card company transfers the money to the business‚Äôs bank account. Settlement is the final step of the entire process. This is when the funds are finally deposited into your business‚Äôs account. 

What to Look For

Multiple different types of card readers have various other functions and capabilities. Magstripe readers only read the magnetic stripe on a card, but these are gradually being phased out. EMV card readers allow the user to insert their card and use the card‚Äôs chip to conduct payment. Contactless card readers will enable you to process various forms of contactless payment, such as tap to pay and Apple Pay. 

Before you choose a card reader, it is vital that it be able to process a variety of card payments, whether magstripe, EMV, or contactless. Any credit card reader you choose needs to be very easy to use. Having excellent customer service from your payment processor is also essential if you have any issues

Transparency and clear pricing from the payment processor is another crucial component of any potential card reader for your business. It is helpful to be able to upgrade to a more comprehensive payment processing service while still using the same payment processor. 

It is also essential that a card reader is secure and meets PCI compliance. You do not allow your business or your customer’s information to be compromised because your payment hardware lacks the proper degree of security. It is also crucial that your credit card readers are durable and do not break easily. This could prevent your business from being able to process transactions while you wait to get them fixed.

Credit Card Reader Options

Many different companies offer credit card readers. Clover, Oracle, and Ingenico have some excellent options that can provide your business with the solutions it needs. 


With Clover there are multiple different credit card readers that can easily work for your business. Clover Go allows you to connect easily to either a phone or tablet with Bluetooth. It can process magstripe, chip and contactless payments. It is also a small and incredibly easy to use mobile payment solution

Clover Flex processes all types of credit payments and allows your employees an all-in-one payment tool that they can hold in the palm of their hand. In addition, flex comes with its own screen and receipt printer making it a true stand-alone mobile payment device.

Clover Mini has all the benefits of Flex and allows you to use helpful integrations such as inventory management easily. In addition, this card reader enables you to run a full point of sale system in one compact, easy-to-use device.


Oracle is another fantastic option if you are looking for a card reader. Oracle Micros Workstation 3 is a top of line card reader. It can allow you to accept magstripe, contactless, and chip payments. Its compact size allows you to fit more card readers into a space enabling you to help multiple customers at the same time.

Workstation 3 is also incredibly durable to ensure that the surrounding work environment does not impact your ability to process transactions. It also comes with a fingerprint reader to allow you to secure your card reader for your employees to use efficiently.


Ingenico has also developed an extensive array of card readers. These can meet many of your needs as a business owner. Much like Clover, Ingenico offers a wide variety of card readers with their own unique functionalities that allow you to choose one that best suits your needs. Ingenico card readers are both secure and easy to use, so your point of sale system operates as smoothly as possible

Get your Credit Card Readers with Treati

With Treati, you can use Clover, Oracle, or Ingenico card readers. We have a wide variety of options when it comes to credit card readers, so you can choose whichever one best suits your business. We also have very transparent pricing, so you know what you will pay before you start working with us.

For in person transactions, it only costs $10 a month and 0.4% + 10 cents per transaction. To make the transition as smooth as possible for you, we offer a free trial to give you a chance to see if Treati is the right fit. In addition, our payment processing is both secure and PCI compliant. So your business and customer information will be safe with us.

Another benefit of us is that we have top of the line customer service. So if there is any issue with your credit card readers, you can get the help that you need. We also can scale up our payment processing service as your business grows. We want to grow alongside so and do not want to inhibit your growth due to inflexibility. 

Clover, Oracle, and Ingenico all have excellent credit card readers that can quickly meet the needs of your business. These card readers can process all kinds of credit card transactions and have customizable functions. Through Treati, you can access these top tier card readers along with top of the line payment processing.