February 17, 2023

Payment Processing

Authorize.net Help

Payment Processing

Authorize.net has been working with small businesses since early 1996. As the leading gateway, they are trusted by hundred of thousands of merchants handling more than one billion transactions and almost $150 billion in payments every year. They make it simple in accepting electronic and credit card payments online, in person, or over the phone. This article will help you if you want to have more information about authorize.net, authnet gateway, authorize net customer service, authorize.net help, and other related information about the services they offer.

Payment Gateway

There are different payment gateway you can choose from. A payment gateway ensures the security of transferring transactions from a merchant or business to a 3rd party payment processor associated with the bank of the merchant. In short, it is the bridge to connect from the world online to the banking world. These gateways complete online transactions through HTTPS protocol. It enables real-time payments online and transmits privileged information securely. To process customers' payments successfully, payment gateways are used to connect with the merchant accounts and the banks of the customers where they have to open their accounts. There will be an authorization on the amount of the purchase. Payment gateway will report back if there are sufficient, not enough funds that will cause a decline on the transactions or if there are errors like incorrect card details.

What is Authorize.net?

Authorize.net is an owned subsidiary of Visa (NYSE:V) and their services are sold through a network of reseller partners like ISOs or Independent Sales Organizations, MSPs or Merchant Service Providers, and some financial institutions that offer their payment services to their customers. For any businesses who are looking for a payment gateway, authorize.net is the best one for you. Your transactions data online can be fast, secure, and reliable using its security features and complex infrastructures. It manages the routing of transactions like using a traditional card as you swipe in the machine but in this type, you don't need to install something like software since the system works in an online setting.

Businesses can manage their transactions and protect themselves from any fraud as they provide a scalable and reliable platform as well as having special features to securely accept online payments. Other services they can perform include account setting configuration, transaction management, account statement viewing, and report generation. Their main features are the following: online payment, advanced fraud detection suite, e-check processing, recurring billing, sync for Quickbooks, customer information manager, retail payment, virtual terminal and batch upload, mail/phone payment, and mobile payment. Authorize.net has simplified payment solutions that are designed for wherever and whenever you need them with added premium features that will help protect your customers and operate your business smoothly.

Authorize net Customer Service

You can check out their support center if you have some questions you want to clarify. Authorize net customer service is always ready 24/7 to answer all your queries. This is the information about the authorize net customer service:

  • Merchant Support.
  • US, you can contact them at 877-447-3938.
  • UK/Europe, just reach them at +44 (0) 203 564 4844 and
  • AUS, the support number is +61 1800 019 932.
  • Partner Support.
  • For US clients, you can call them at 888-437-0481
  • UK/Europe, their number is +44 (0) 203 564 5370.
  • Affiliate Support.
  • For US affiliate support, the contact number is 866-682-4131
  • UK/Europe, you can call them at +44 (0) 203 564 5370.

Their support hours are open 24/7 except on major holidays.

What is the Auth.net Gateway?

One of the payment gateways that has the best standard gateway provider is the Auth.net gateway. Authorize.net gateway or auth.net gateway is a credit card terminal that you incorporate with your website that will allow you to take customer card payments safely. They are open 24 hours and 7 days a week available for the convenience of their merchants. Businesses can securely handle and manage their customers' transactions online with less exposure to fraud risks. All of the transactions can be monitored by logging in to a specialized secure interface. Having this interface, you can manage account settings, develop reports, and review transaction history. Auth.net gateway has top security features that are all built-in, innate scalability, PCI compliant from all angles, recurring billing enabled, fraud prevention tactics, and simple integration with any site.

Benefits of Using Authorize.net

The main benefit of availing of the services offered by authorize.net is having different payment options available for its users. Customers have the option of paying using their credit cards, fund deposits, or electronic checks and this payment can do automatically and directly to the merchant's bank account as long as payment will not be declined.

Businesses who will make phone or mail order from their customers can use their virtual terminal. An authorize.net virtual terminal or using the user's website can process payments using checks as they accept electronic check payment that is fully integrated and exclusive with them. They also have a free mobile app that will accept and process mobile transactions.

They are PCI DSS compliance and payment process for recurring transactions and returning customers are also simplified. Their servers can also store sensitive and confidential payment information by being tokenized with their customer information manager. Fraudulent online transactions are also prevented, identified, and managed from causing any issues by their advanced fraud detection suite.

Authorize.net Help Conclusion

Authorize.net is popular and easy to integrate with. Another advantage you can get from them is they provide top-notch fraud protection systems. They also have high customer satisfaction because of the authorize net customer service. Another benefit from them is your card information is completely secure. Some of the services you can see and check on their website are: they can process online payments using your website, manually or using a mobile app; having mobile payments using mobile devices of the customers; having a virtual point of sale by connecting a compatible card reader to a computer to accept payments in person; accepting e-check payments from customers, and accepting manual orders securely and quickly using their Virtual terminal.

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