March 27, 2023

Merchant Services payment gateway review

Merchant Services is a widely used payment gateway that works with nearly any processor. Visa-owned is a popular payment gateway software solution that provides safe data processing and theft prevention. It is the oldest and the most adaptable eCommerce solution. This versatile solution serves as a payment gateway as well as card processing.

If you've checked at accepting payments digitally, you've surely come across this one. The gateway enables you to take credit cards and checks via a company website.'s payment gateway is one of the most comprehensive eCommerce technologies available. It includes a robust feature set that comprises recurring billing and echeck/ACH processing. is a well-known and trustworthy brand in the eCommerce market, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its platform works effectively and has a number of extra characteristics that enhances its gateway far more than a means to make transactions through accepting credit cards over the internet. It also provides an exceptional experience for all customers to back up its offering.

Yet another special feature of the payment gateway is the presence of an all-inclusive plan that comprises a merchant account. Merchants from countries like the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, etc., are using the gateway., a prominent gateway provider, offers a broad range of services for comfort and quick transaction processing, and client invoicing. However, some features of this gateway have an extra fee payment.

Details of


Make use of security capabilities, such as checkout and customer data admin tools allow you to keep data on Authorize. PCI-compliant servers, to minimize your risk of being hacked. Data is more secure than when it is kept on your own server.

Hosted Payments Page

For safe, smooth collection methods, provides a hosted payments page. You may change the page's appearance to match your current identity and develop a checkout procedure that combines ease and safety

Merchant Account

Do you have a full-service merchant account? If not, do not worry. Yes, can put one up for you. You may get a fixed pricing range from solution to your demand. However, this is not a classic solution for high-volume firms. A customer can find a list of partner directories that includes many numbers of merchant service providers for you to pick from.

Mobile payment's app is compatible with both iOS and android versions. This is a classic advantage for all customers.

Recurring Billing: Each account comes with a free recurring billing functionality.

Fees and rates

Asides from accessing the payment gateway, customers can get a reduction in fees and cheaper credit card processing rates if they sign through a merchant account provider. The two major price plans The All-In-One and Gateway-only of Authorize are popular. The fee and rate structure of are well received by a majority of customers and rated highly.

Ease of use provides a good online service that fits your needs once you have completed the setup and are ready to go. There are no issues when using the platform. The website's design is perfect, and easy to understand, and the layout is top-notch. The site map is a classic feature of the website., like numerous other organizations in the payments sector, has an online registration procedure so merchants can enter the basic details of their company and get accepted for an account extremely fast.

Customer service's technical and customer support is superb. A user may expect prompt and dependable service. There are phone and email service alternatives available to match your needs. All clients can use live chat sessions to get answers to their questions. The brand's videos and tutorials are one-of-a-kind. The 24/7 customer support is exclusive to your use.

Fraud management provides an extensive degree of fraud control to its users. Suspicious transactions are quickly identified and avoided. Many customers are drawn to this payment gateway because of its SSL encryption feature.

Pros and cons of


  • Several currencies are widely supported.
  • Strong protection and anti-fraud measures
  • Monthly payments with no future agreement
  • Flat-rate pricing that is reliable
  • Outstanding customer support and assistance
  • A simple and effective method for processing payments using your merchant account. is coupled with a billing system and flows perfectly with almost no glitches.
  • Handles all major credit cards
  • Enhanced user-friendly transaction search interface


  • Many clients may be confused by the all-in-one choice.
  • High flat-rate cost for a business account that is flexible.
  • Because there is no printed version of the eCheck monthly report, entering the charges is difficult.

Reviews and testimonials

Lots of customers have given positive reviews about payment gateway firm.

For your action is incredibly dependable and simple to set up. The smartphone app is excellent and completely free. Gathering cards and keeping client data is really convenient; we can produce many sorts of reports from it, and looking for anyone is a pleasure. The availability of a free virtual terminal along with privacy protection features makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Final verdict offers an excellent payment gateway service for many years. Asides from payment gateway services, other ancillary services are offered by firm to the core. Merchants can use the eCheck processing and mobile payment options well irrespective of their needs. These options are available and perform to the core. Especially, the fraud prevention filter service of is commendable and useful to all users comprehensively.

To an extent, has streamlined its data migration problems. However, it is unclear if small firms can get the same quality assistance as big firms through a custom pricing plan.

In a nutshell, the service of's standard features and support to merchant account providers are hair-rising and recommendable by putting aside some of the negative complaints received from the customers. The firm receives 4.5 out of 5 stars and is obviously one of the top payment gateway options available for all users.