March 21, 2023


Agent Partnership Program with Treati


Joining an agent partnership is a valuable opportunity for your business. This type of partnership is a happy medium between collaboration and revenue. Becoming an agent with a larger company has numerous benefits. However, there are many things you have to consider as well. With Treati, your business can gain a valuable partner that will work closely with your business to achieve your goals. 

What is an Agent Partnership?

In an agent partnership, your partner will provide your business with the resources and training you need to be an effective brand ambassador. As a result, you will obtain new clients for them and you will be provided with a share of the revenue for your efforts. 

This differs from other partnerships, such as ISV and referral partnerships. With ISV partnerships, your partner is directly integrated into your own software. This requires more intensive collaboration than an agent partnership but with a more significant revenue share for your business. While a referral partnership only requires you to send leads to your partner but for a smaller portion of revenue share.

An agent partnership is a happy medium for your business to choose. You do not have to work with a partner as much as an ISV partnership but obtain more revenue than a referral partnership. 

Why choose to be an Agent?

Agent partners are an essential source of revenue for many companies. This means companies will be eager to work with you for the value you bring to their business. As a result, your business can create an additional revenue stream that is both passive and reliable. 

By working as an agent for a more prominent partner, your business can be easily exposed to a much broader market. Customers from across the country or world may wish to do business with you because they heard of you through your partner. Your partner needs to care where your business is located just by the results you bring. 

Your partner will also provide onboarding sessions so you can better understand their product and sales process. This gives you a valuable opportunity to understand the sales cycle of your partner and use tips for your own sales process. You also leave your partner with the heavy lifting of product design and maintenance. This allows your team to focus on other aspects of your business

Another benefit of an agent partnership is the fact that your partner is committed to ensuring your business meets your own goals. Your partner will provide your business with the resources and training you need to be an effective brand ambassador. You will obtain new clients for them and you will be provided with a share of the revenue for your efforts. 

Ask your partner how you both can work together on marketing campaigns. This can allow both your companies to pool your marketing resources and gain the attention of as many potential customers as possible. In addition, by being associated with a more prominent brand, your company can quickly develop greater credibility with your customers

Needs from an Agent Partnership


It is crucial to make sure both you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the ideal customer that they are looking for. Ensure that your goals are aligned with your partner's so that you can clearly understand each other's motivations. This will allow the partnership to run more smoothly

Partnership Agreement 

You must sign a partnership agreement so your businesses can securely share confidential information and collaborate effectively. This will also outline the exact procedures and goals of the agent partnership.

Effective Onboarding and Support

This process of becoming an agent of your partner can be longer than other partnerships, such as referral partnerships. This is because you need to fully understand your partner's product in order to sell and onboard customers. At Treati, we believe our native technology is what sets us apart from other payment processorts. We provide our agents with a free onboarding tool that allows businesses to electronically sign up, and get instantly onboarded with the processor. Check out more here.


You should also ensure that your partner is a reliable business that can maintain an agent partnership for years to come. Your partner will need to provide your business with the resources and training you need to be an effective brand ambassador. You will obtain new clients for them, and you will be provided with a share of the revenue for your efforts. 

Relationship Building

It is important that you develop a working relationship with your partner. It should be more than just transactional in nature. If your partner is not willing to get to know you and understand you, then they are unlikely to work well with you. Partnerships are an absolutely essential part of any large business's marketing effort. It is important that your partner treats you as vital and not just another small and unimportant piece of their operation

Agent Partnership with Treati

Becoming an agent of Treati is an excellent opportunity for your business. Treati offers excellent service to both our customers and partners. We value developing long-term partnerships where everyone can gain. Collaboration and understanding of our partners are central to our agent partnership program. We work with around 100 agents around the country and are a reliable partner that your business can work with for years to come. 

Additionally, your business will gain a large portion of the revenue from the sales that you complete for Treati. Revenue share ranges from 50% to 95%, and we want to provide meaningful incentives for you to work with us. 

We also offer comprehensive training to allow you to understand Treati before you begin selling. You will be provided a login to Treati's system and relationship manager. This relationship manager will meet with your business weekly to keep you updated on everything related to Treati.

We will also provide you with an Under account. This software will allow you to onboard customers incredibly fast and makes being an agent with Treati very easy for your business. Your business will also be associated with a brand that works with over 20,000 businesses all over the country. 


Working with Treati in our agent partnership program is an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow. Your business gains credibility by being associated with our nationwide brand and gains a large portion of the revenue from the sales you complete. Relationship building is critical to any agent partnership. Fortunately, with Treati, our business model is based on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.